Wedding Party

Ellie Wood

Maid of Honor

Big sister of the Bride. Ellie lives in Austin, Texas with her husband, Nathan, and two dog-children, Dirk and Boaz. There, she works as a veterinarian and excels in competitive board game challenges. A voracious learner and fiercely competitive at all she does, Ellie loves science jokes, British TV series, Dr. Pepper, and hosting their church's Youth Group events.
Photo taken: At Ellie's Wedding in Houston, July 2017, where Amy served as her Maid of Honor!

Lexie Attebery


Lexie and Amy’s friendship has grown through countless hours spent over dinner and drinks on double dates with Lexie’s husband Alex, and Chad. Originally from Connecticut, Lex has lived in Washington for several years where she and Amy attend girls’ groups together. The queen of grocery store sheet cake, Ginger jokes, and impromptu dance parties, Lex’s spunk and sense of humor always keep Amy and everyone else around her laughing.
Photo taken: At Amy’s New Year’s Eve Celebration

Kristin Banks


Amy met Kristin “K-Money” Banks in the lobby of a Best Western in Brooklyn, NY during a spring break trip. From that moment on, the two were pretty much inseparable. Each other’s opposite and complement, Amy and Kristin spend much of college in the Journalism School, KD House, Lamar Park, at CRU, or involved in some shenanigan together.
Kristin is a motocross riding,  sports watching, Erin Andrews to be, and has never met a stranger. A Georgia native, Kristin now lives in Dallas, TX and works in the medical field while perfecting her sideline commentary.
Photo Taken: At Double Decker Arts’ Festival in Oxford, MS in 2016

Rachel Berry


"Bestfriend Rachel" became friends with Amy when they realized they were both going to Ole Miss for college. Since then, their friendship has branched Oxford, MS to Austin, TX to Houston and back. Rachel currently lives in Houston where she works as a graphic designer. She is a devoted dog-mom and charcuterie board expert.
Photo taken: In 2013, their Freshman year, at the Ole Miss/ UT football game in Austin.

Claire Chisholm


Claire and Amy met in the Martin Dorms their freshman year at Ole Miss. From there, they continued as roomies for the majority of their time in Oxford where they enjoyed Newks lunches, Dixie Chicks sing-a-long sessions, and true crime documentaries. A self proclaimed flower child, Claire now lives in Nashville where she enjoys roller blading, tie dying, attending Maggie Rogers concerts, and playing with her Beagle, Clementine.
Photo taken: During Claire’s trip to Washington a couple years back on Valentines’ Day

Sophie Frankham-Smith


Sophie and Amy met on Sophie’s birthday at the same bar where Amy met Chad the year prior! The two now live together in their charming rowhouse on Capitol Hill where they enjoy: online shopping at J.Crew, Hamilton sing-a-longs, charcuterie boards, and keeping up with the Royal Family. A native Brit, Sophie has lived state-side since elementary school and you would never know her heritage by her American accent!
Photo taken: On a roommate trip to New York City last fall

Amanda Hetzler


Amy first met Amanda on a Wherley family trip to Lake of the Ozarks and they instantly bonded on their love of pink, girly things and trips to Target. First cousin to Chad, Amanda lives in Nashville with her husband and the coolest 11 year old out there, her son Reid. Amanda is, not only, a fabulous hairstylist, but also has a secret talent for making the best gluten free brownies.
Photo taken: At Amanda's brother's wedding in Nashville

Keeana Keonig


Keeana and Amy met through Kristin (probably) on a Tuesday night in Paris Yates Chapel at CRU. A fellow Kappa Delta, Keeana has served the role of mentor, counselor, mom-away-from-home, and friend to Amy time and time again. Much of college was spent, with Kristin, having wild Friday nights making Hershey Ice Box Cake or sitting around a bonfire at Keeana’s house. A big haired Southern girl sweeter than her tea, Keeana lives with her husband Bill, and precious daughter Mary-Aiken in Oxford, MS where they work full time in campus ministry.  
Photo taken: At Keeana’s Bridal Shower in Oxford in 2013

Anissa Munoz


A Kappa Delta sister, Anissa and Amy’s friendship (probably) began in the KD kitchen on a Fried Friday. Their friendship blossomed, however, when Amy moved to Anissa’s beloved hometown of Austin, TX. There, the two spent countless evenings at Gloria’s, Matt’s El Rancho, and on Rainey Street. Anissa is a Flip Cup champion, ultimate party planner, and Mexican Martini aficionado. She still lives in Austin, where she works in marketing, plans parties, and enjoys time with her dog, Billie.
Photo Taken: On Rainey Street

Taylor Schwan


Until last fall, Taylor lived alongside Amy and Sophie on Capitol Hill before moving back home to Atlanta, GA. Amy and Taylor first met at a tacky Christmas sweater party in Arlington, VA and their friendship grew through attending Bible Study together before they became roommates. Taylor is a master margarita maker, lover of children’s books, and has a killer jump shot.
Photo taken: On the Fourth of July, walking to see the fireworks at the Capitol

Bailey Wilkerson


Bailey and Amy’s friendship began in Mrs. Tidmore’s first grade classroom and blossomed when they became roommates in “The Green House” in Austin, TX. Bailey, like Amy, is a true Francophile and loves visiting France almost as much as Amy does… She is a dancing queen, lover of leftovers, and always the first to say yes to a last minute plan!
Bailey was also the on the ground mastermind behind Chad’s epic Christmas proposal. She was the one who lured Amy to the Houstonian for the best brunch they never attended!
Photo taken: After Chad pulled off his awesome surprise and Bailey could finally breathe again!


House Party

Lindsey Andersen
Julia Hoover
Shaelyn Macedonio
Emma Prestage
Amy Scheuer
Kara Standeffer
Claire Weigel

Clint Wherley

Best Man

Clint is the big brother of the groom.
Chad proudly grew up in his big brother's shadow, playing all the same sports (football, basketball, baseball) and they even had the chance to play together on the same teams Chad's freshman year (Clint's senior).
Chad and Clint may or may not have a choreographed performance that tends to show up during wedding and tailgate seasons.
Photo taken: Duck hunting on the farm in Illinois

Nils Arnold


Chad and Nils grew up together in Beardstown, IL.
There, they spent time a lot of time camping and getting into shenanigans on the Arnold's farm.
They share a love of traveling and skiing around the world. Nils has had a leg up on Chad due to his Swiss roots and his decision to move to Wyoming after High School. A few years ago, Chad and Nils spent two weeks skiing together in New Zealand. Nils currently lives in Idaho with his beautiful and adventure-loving wife, Megan.
Photo taken: On a ski trip in Jackson Hole this past April.

Adam Crary


Chad met Adam "Mr. Diggs" during their time in St. Louis.
Adam is Chad's first, of now many, friends from the great white North Dakota. Now living 1,500 miles apart, the two enjoy any chance they get to bring the buds together for a golf or ice fishing trip. Adam lives in Grand Forks, ND with his lovely wife Jenna and their now <three!> kids.
Photo taken: at their friend Michael Schwitters' wedding in Minneapolis, MN in 2019. Also present, their beautiful ladies, Amy and Adam's wife, Jenna.

Sam Foster


Chad and Sam also met in St. Louis, where the two were roommates at the legendary Dogtown house.
Raised seemingly worlds apart, Chad and Sam quickly bonded over just about everything. You could usually find them contemplating existential aspects of life over late night whiskies and early morning coffees. Sam is a native of Philly, and a die-hard Eagles fan.
Photo taken: during a much younger-looking time in their lives, probably at the Dogtown house.



Max is a step-second cousin turned best friend. Chad and Max started their friendship on a backpacking trip in Europe one summer during college. When Chad moved to St. Louis after undergrad, he and Max became roommates for several years. Max is married to his wonderful wife Lia (a.k.a TLC's Next Great Baker) and have two very cute kids.
Photo taken: at the St. Louis Zoo's annual fundraiser sporting the obligatory animal-inspired creative black tie attire.



Chad and Scott were friends and lived together in St. Louis.
Scott, a native of STL, was the resident Mizzou grad (we try to not hold that against him). Scott is a passionate and big-hearted friend, who Chad could always count on to dream big about life with. He is also a wiffleball extraordinaire. Scott currently lives in St. Louis, but is always down to come visit Chad and Amy in DC.
Photo taken: on the field of Busch Stadium the day Chad graduated from his master's. Since Scott put up with Chad's constant schoolwork on weeknights and weekends, this was a celebration for him, too.



Chad and Alex go way back, as evidenced by this picture. They were fortunate to be both first cousins and classmates growing up together in Beardstown. Alex has always been an encourager and a go-to sounding board for Chad. These days, they share a love of exploring the great coffees and wines of the world. They have experienced a lot of life together, and so it is both fitting and special to them that they would happen to both get married in the same year. Alex lives in Nashville, TN with his awesome now-wife, Kara.
Photo taken: cruising the streets of Beardstown, IL while Chad apparently needed to put his feet up.



Chad and Francis are friends from their St. Louis days.
Francis has that gift we all wish we had, and has never known a stranger (TBD if he agrees with me). This friendship has taken them all over the country together. From trips to Ole Miss football games, Beardstown hunting trips, Minnesota fishing trips, to Chicago, LA, DC, and more. Having attended the Wherley family Thanksgiving on more than one occasion, Francis is well known and loved throughout the family. He now lives in Nashville, TN with his beautiful wife, Avery, their adorable little boy, William. #2 on the way!
Photo taken: during a weekend trip visiting friends in Chicago.



Chad and Adam are self-declared twins.
They first met as classmates in the College of Business at U of I, and quickly bonded over the fact that they were born on the same day (and year). Life after college has had them in different cities, but they have enjoyed keeping up through regular travel adventures . They have traveled to 10+ countries together and share a love of airline status perks (no shame...). Adam is equal parts sarcastic and loyal. He is a great friend and an example to everyone who knows him on how to love your family well.
Photo taken: eating lunch at a market in Singapore in 2018.
Lauren Chism