Amy and Chad

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Our Story

On Christmas Day, 2020, Chad messaged Amy to let her know he’d be spending the evening on a friend’s farm, and wouldn’t have much cell service. Unbeknownst to her, he’d actually be packing up his family, and making a clandestine trip from Springfield, Illinois to Houston, Texas to give Amy the Christmas surprise of her life.

The next morning, Amy curled her hair and put on her lipstick to meet a friend for a post-Christmas brunch at the Houstonian Hotel. When she walked in to admire the beautiful Christmas decorations, Chad made his entrance from behind a 20-ft Christmas tree and accomplished an impossible feat: he made her speechless!

He led her outside to a beautiful old oak tree covered in white Christmas lights and took her hands. There, he got down on one knee, and Amy said, “yes!” before he even asked the question.

Amy and Chad met two and a half years prior at a dueling piano bar in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington, DC just one week after she had moved to Washington. She was accompanying her roommate who went to catch up with an old friend who happened to be in town visiting his old roommate… Chad.

Chad’s interest sparked immediately, but it wasn't until later that year that he made his big move - an invitation to dinner at a French restaurant in her neighborhood, knowing good and well how much Amy loved French food (and everything else French). However, minutes before their first date, Amy called to cancel, due to an unforeseen flood in her English basement apartment. This "flood" sounded like a "story" to get out of a first date to Chad. But, it was unfortunately true! Thankfully, they did reschedule and eventually enjoyed their first date laughing and talking for hours in a charming restaurant in Arlington, VA.

Chad and Amy now both live on Capitol Hill with roommates just one block apart from each other. Over the past two years of dating, they’ve traveled the US and abroad together, gotten to know each other's families and friends, and have been blown away by the goodness of God through unfolding of their love story. They’ve experienced joy, triumph, trial, and change together but through it all, they have seen God's perfect love for them illuminated.

- - -

We are so thrilled to start this journey together and we cannot wait to celebrate with you!
xoxo, Amy & Chad
Lauren Chism